Mina ELITE for Industry is a professional
and experienced company manufacturing
stainless steel products and equipment for
the food sector since 1941. Our products
are for use in restaurants, catering and
large-scale retail, for the food industry,
confectioners, fish markets, pizzerias,
bakers, ice-cream shops, bars, handling
meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy
products and Laundries.
Our range of neutral stainless steel products includes: worktables
of all kinds and sizes, sinks, taps, washbasins, knife sterilisers, hanging
cupboards, cupboards for tableware, cabinets, sectional shelving and
brackets, extractor hoods, rear counters, trolleys.
The job of our technical office is to design and develop new products
and improve existing ones, to look for solutions to the problems we come
across, and to come up with efficient, functional and attractive pieces of
equipment because we believe that our clients deserve professional grade
equipment and service.
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